Saccade contingent updating in virtual reality

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It's the software that will run on its own Daydream View goggles as well as the standalone headsets that third parties like Lenovo are creating later this year.Google also makes the Daydream View, a low-tech VR headset that uses a smartphone.

Pedestrians on a collision course with the subject were surprisingly ineffective in evoking fixations, especially when subjects were additionally occupied with another task, suggesting that potential collisions do not automatically attract attention.For all of the overwrought promises about the futuristic technology connecting people, it's a pretty isolating experience.The hardware shuts out any view or sound of people physically near you, not many people own headsets yet, and interactions inside virtual settings are still limited.One of the crucial problems in vision research is understanding the principles that guide the selection of information from visual scenes.Vision is an active process that enables us to have access to relevant information when it is needed.

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