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Let me explain further: In addition to conveying fuel, the wick also conducts heat from the flame into the tank.

As the fuel level drops, the oil temperature rises and expands, regardless of the oil you are using.

At approximately 11" in height, the "hi-top" was as tall as most tall globe lanterns but it had a smaller burning chamber to accommodate the weaker flame of the fuel then coming into favor -- kerosene.

After World War One, Dietz redesigned the Vesta to make it smaller and more competitive with newly-introduced short-globe lanterns, and this shorter "lo-top" version is the one that is most familiar to collectors.

When collectors refer to the "Dietz Vesta" they are usually thinking of the last version of this model, the "lo-top" model or #6, which is usually classified as a "short globe" lantern.

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The Little Giants had a kerosene burning time of 70 hours, which worked well with transportation departments for road hazards. The one above, with a rising cone, is not as old as my other Little Giant pictured below. The Little Giants were streamlined after that year (see below).The following decade Robert sold his interest in "Dietz & Company" to begin manufacturing "Irwin Patent" tubular lanterns after buying the defunct Archer and Pancoast Company from a receiver in 1868. It is the purview of this compendium to focus only on their kerosene, signal oil, and acetylene powered products.To view additional information and/or images, simply click on the highlighted model names below. Kirkman project, and as such, is by no means complete. The pic below shows the jurisdiction which purchased this Dietz Little Giant Lantern. These were used for road hazards prior to the perfection of battery operated DOT flashing lights. lantern manufacturer from the 1880's through 1956, at which time the company moved from New York to Hong Kong.

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