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Now, this one similarity in numbers might be disregarded by Christian skeptics as a coincidence, but when we start looking deeper into different versions of Bible (yes, Bible has many versions and sometimes contradictory stories), we find that this number 12 is repeated again and again in the life of Jesus.

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For them, it was primarily within history that the divine presence was encountered.A well-conditioned, mature donkey can carry about a 125 pound load at the speed of a humans stroll all day long.The donkeys were a key component in developing the Kona coffee industry on the steep slopes of Hualalai Volcano. These "old-world" plants are thought to have originated in India and played an important role in ancient Egypt and Assyria as early as 1100 BC. The banana belongs to the plants of the ancients and has been given God-like powers in many diverse cultures.

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