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Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in Vermont?Are you tired of the Vermont bar & club scene, coming home to an empty house, lonely tables-for-one at those romantic Vermont restaurants, disastrous blind dates set up by your matchmaking friends, Vermont local singles groups, singles events and meetings with no results??Www.has two name servers, one mail server and one IP number.

While the site hopes its members are truthful, it says based on its matches the credit score is 92 percent accurate.

In a survey conducted by my, respondents reported that a lack of financial responsibility impacted their relationship more than an unfaithful spouse.

When Lauren set up an online dating profile, she wasn't looking for a partner with perfect credit.

for having sex the first time you get with a guy, the boys we interviewed are in consensus that this is not a deal-breaker in deciding whether or not you are girlfriend material. i think wanting companionship -- especially after so many years on my own -- is natural and understandable; desperate would be entering into a relationship with just anyone who'd have me, whether or not i'm really into them.

my opinion, if you think of yourself as an awesome human being, who doesn’t need a person on the street to measure your worth or your potential at finding true love, then you are totally girlfriend material — no matter what any guys say.

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